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Benefit of Very Low LDL-C

Posted: 12/05/2018

Based on current data, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) risk in high-risk individuals can be lessened by lowering LDL-C. This meta-analysis aimed to use historical data to determine if there is a more optimal LDL-C range and found that lower targets conferred significant benefits in cardiovascular risk reduction.

Researchers found that lowering LDL-C levels that were already considered low did not lead to increased risk of myalgias, myositis, elevated levels of aminotransferases, hemorrhagic stroke, new-onset diabetes, or cancer. However, the studies included in the meta-analysis were of short duration and may not have detected infrequent, but serious adverse effects.

These results encourage practitioners to identify high-risk patients with the goal of driving LDL-C levels lower than previously targeted.

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