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Albuterol Inhaler Options – Authorized Generics

Posted: 04/09/2019

The availability of generic albuterol inhalers has been limited since regulations a decade ago forced inhalers to remove CFCs and replace them with the more environmentally-friendly HFA propellant. Many patients are finding it difficult to purchase these inhalers due to high cost. New products have increased the options available for patients.

Two new generic albuterol inhaler products are authorized generics for their respective brand products, Ventolin HFA and ProAir HFA. Authorized generics are the same product as their respective brands, but without the brand name on the package. The dose, administration, and product formulation are the same as their respective brands. 

Consider writing prescriptions for generic “albuterol HFA inhaler.” If a prescription is written for a specific brand of albuterol inhaler, the pharmacy is not able to automatically switch to a less expensive or available option. There is no clinically significant difference in the active ingredient between the products. However, the costs and availability of albuterol inhalers may vary depending on the patient’s insurance and market supply. Feel comfortable using any of the albuterol inhalers for your patients.


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