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Total Health Care Payment and Portal Update

Posted: 04/22/2019

Total Health Care (THC) is working with their vendor to release a batch of payments matching EOPs showing on the portal website as paid on March 6, 2019.  The claims system processed the claims and showed them as paid, but they did not make it to vendor for check/payment release. THC has several additional files to work through related to this same issue and will continue to release daily until they are caught up. 

Additionally, some initial EOPs did not include member account numbers; this issue has been corrected.  Claims processing next week will have this correction in place.  However, the EOPs on the portal paid prior to 4/22/2019 will not be updated. Coming soon, historical electronic 835’s will be available on the portal with correct member account numbers. Please visit the payment portal Tuesday or Wednesday to find this updated information

Because of this backlog, THC request that you do not call the Ventanex portal to inquire about payment issues. You can manage your payment preferences and remit addresses, as well as request 835 files through the portal.  However, Ventanex cannot assist with these other issues at this time. THC is working through them and they expect to have things in good shape by month’s end.


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