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Provider-Delivered Care Management (PDCM) Michigan Summary of Care Report 2019

Posted: 06/20/2019

The Michigan Summary of Care Report™, now in its seventh edition, highlights care management strategies implemented by leading physician organizations (POs) across the State of Michigan. This year’s report focuses on Provider- Delivered Care Management (PDCM), part of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program. PDCM is a core element of Value Partnerships’ Physician Group Incentive Program and has been instrumental in providing complex care management to patients at participating POs. The report provides an overview of the PDCM program, including its impact on chronic disease patients, with looks at the tools, goals, obstacles, and future plans of the program. The report is intended to generate discussion among providers, payers, and other interested health care organizations seeking to refine their approach to chronic disease management and to achieve higher quality of care.

Click the image below to view the report in its entirety.

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