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Blue Cross Complete (BCC) Provides Coverage for Rental Breast Pumps for Hospitals

Posted: 06/24/2019

Effective September 1, 2019, Blue Cross Complete will provide coverage for rental breast pumps for hospitals. The rental breast pumps can assist members with early education on breast feeding while still in the hospital.  Lactation nurses will also be available to members while in the hospital for further education on the pumps. BCC will continue to maintain their Bright Start program for prenatal care where members can obtain a hospital grade breast pump prior to their delivery when working with their care coordinators.

Covered breast pumps should be obtained from the hospital’s own supply or a supplier that is offered on the Michigan Medicaid benefit for any member who wants to use a breast pump. The breast pumps must be billed as an outpatient service to Blue Cross Complete and will be paid at Medicaid rates. Preauthorization is not required.

Below is a list of Medicaid codes that can be billed for the rental breast pump:

If you have any questions, contact your Blue Cross Complete provider account executive or call Provider Inquiry at 1-888-312-5713.

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