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FAQs for Physicians

What is Oakland Southfield Physicians (OSP)?
OSP is a physician led Independent Practice Association. That is, it is a collection of many independent physician practices - from sole practitioners to groups with a dozen or more doctors. Oakland Southfield Physicians was created in 1986 as an independent practice association with an intention to free physicians from the administrative burdens of managing contracts with third-party payers and other business details. Doing so would allow physicians to spend more time caring for patients and less time running a business.  

Which is it, Oakland Southfield Physicians, OSP, Administrative Network, ANI or what?
Oakland Southfield Physicians represents more than 375 physicians who make up an independent physicians association - OSP is our abbreviation. Administrative Network, or ANI is the company that manages the business operations of OSP. ANI's sole job is supporting those 375 plus physicians. Although they are separate, there are many ways in which they operate as though they were the same. If you are a physician, office administrator or third-party insurer when you call Administrative Network, you have also reached OSP.

At what hospitals do OSP physicians have admitting rights?
OSP physicians are represented in hospitals throughout southeast Michigan. Click here to search for a physician.

Are OSP physicians obliged to accept any specific health plan or plans?
No. Health plan participation is driven by physician choice.  OSP enjoys a strong collaborative working relationship with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan/Blue Care Network of Michigan the largest health plans in the State, as well as many other leading health plans both locally and nationally. Click here for a list.

Do OSP physicians pay dues or membership fees?
No. OSP is an independent practice association, but no dues are required to become a part of the association. Click here for a list of benefits of joining OSP. Call us at 248.357.4048 or send us an email to find out more, or to sign up.

How do I join OSP?
Call us at 248.357.4048 or send us an email and we will get you started.

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?
The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is an approach to providing comprehensive care to adults, youth and children. The PCMH will broaden access to primary care, while enhancing care coordination with the broader care community. Click here for more information about the OSP PCMH program.

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home-Neighborhood?
The evolution of the PCMH model is referred to as the PCMH-Neighborhood (PCMH-N).  The PCMH-N is a community of caregivers that measure performance, set goals, track progress, and coordinate services across the care continuum for its patient population. The neighborhood accepts responsibility for delivering effective and efficient patient care across care settings.  


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