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When we say, "Powered by Administrative Network" (ANI) we mean that OSP physicians have access to powerful technological solutions. ANI has strong experience using information technology to support medical practices and has built relationships with outside vendors to connect OSP doctors to tools that enhance their practice.

With some applications, ANI has created relationships with specific outside vendors to provide IT solutions for OSP practice groups. In other areas, ANI is assisting physicians as they choose their own solutions.

ePrescribing gives doctors the ability to write prescriptions and securely transmit them to pharmacies electronically.

Population Health Management
Population Health Management software works as an enhancement to a traditional EMR by offering tools for improving the health of an entire patient population.

Electronic Medical Records
Electronic Medical Records store all patient histories in sophisticated and secure databases. Several vendors offer integrated systems.

Practice Management Software (PMS)
Practice Management Software is an integrated package that deals with the day-to-day operations of a medical practice, including scheduling appointments, keeping patient profiles, billing and reporting.

Secure Physician-Patient Communication
Secure physician-patient communication is a powerful way to give patients and physicians a framework to securely communicate - including messaging, online appointment requests and online consultations.

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