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Changing Your Facetime Call ID Instructions

Posted: 03/31/2020

During the Coronavirus national emergency Telehealth has become the new normal. Health plans have relaxed their policies allowing providers to use such technology as Apple FaceTime.

Remember, this is a temporary relaxation of national privacy and security regulations. Click here for health information privacy details issued by the Health and Human Services agency. 

If providers want to use FaceTime, but don’t want to give out their personal phone number. Apple products allow you to use an email address as the FaceTime call ID instead of your phone number.

  1. Create an email (if desired) that would be displayed to the patient
  2. Create a new Apple ID with this email
  3. Go to Settings -> FaceTime
  4. Choose Apple ID, sign out of old Apple ID, sign in with new
  5. Change the Caller ID from the phone number to the Apple ID

Note:  once you discontinue using FaceTime as a portal for Telehealth visit, you can sign out of the new Apple ID and return to your original setting.

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