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Upcoming MDHHS Immunization Campaign

Posted: 07/08/2020

In the wake of COVID-19’s negative impact on routine immunizations in Michigan, you will start to see press and new materials coming from the MDHHS Division of Immunization to help increase awareness on our low immunization rates and encourage Michiganders to get caught up on immunizations. The division of immunization will be launching a new campaign called #MIHeroForHealth. This hashtag credits Michigan healthcare providers as the superheroes they are, doing everything they can to keep Michiganders healthy and safe, including vaccinating their patients. It can also be used by Michigan families to show they are still protecting their children against vaccine-preventable diseases during this unprecedented time.

The MDHHS Division of Immunization is asking local health departments and our immunization partners to widely promote this hashtag as you engage with families and promote getting caught back up on immunizations. You can use this hashtag when you distribute information on your clinic/office’s special actions taken to safely bring patients in to receive immunizations, in your facility’s social media posts, messages that you distribute within your communities, etc.

Also as part of this campaign, we have new print materials and social media images available for download at www.michigan.gov/vaccinesduringcovid. Please check this website frequently as we continue to post newly approved materials for you to use.

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