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Blue Cross Complete Payment Systems

Posted: 10/20/2020

As a reminder to the notification sent to you in July 2020, effective October 22, 2020, Blue Cross Complete will implement payment systems to meet providers’ requests for more payment options. The payment systems will allow providers the ability to receive the following payment options for claims reimbursement:

Virtual credit card (VCC) - A virtual debit transaction in which randomly generated, temporary credit card numbers are either faxed or mailed to providers for claims reimbursement. The VCC payment notification will contain a number unique to that payment transaction and an instruction page for processing the payment.

Note: Providers who aren’t enrolled to receive EFT will automatically receive the virtual credit card.  If you don’t wish to receive your claim payments through VCC, you can opt out by calling ECHO Health at 1‑888‑492‑5579 to receive a paper check.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) – This option allows providers to receive payments directly in the bank account of their choice. When enrolled in EFT, providers will automatically receive electronic remittance advices for those payments. If you are currently enrolled in EFT, there is no action required. If you would like to enroll in EFT, visit ECHO Healthcare* to start the enrollment process.

Electronic remittance advice - Providers may also receive their electronic remittance advice from Change Healthcare and ECHO Health by including both the Change Healthcare Blue Cross Complete payer ID: 32002 and the ECHO payer ID: 58379.

Click here to see the attached brochure for detailed information.

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