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Wayne State University and Michigan Healthcare Professionals Partnerships Expands Outpatient Training for Medical Students

Posted: 02/18/2021

Oakland Southfield Physicians (OSP) is proud to congratulate one of our affiliated organizations, Michigan Healthcare Professionals, on its recent partnership with Wayne State University to expand outpatient training for medical students. 

Wayne State University has 1,200 medical students, making them the largest group in the State of Michigan.  Over the next few years, this partnership will allow Wayne State medical students to train within Michigan Healthcare Professionals facilities. As outpatient facilities are where most patient interactions with primary and specialty physicians occur, this medical training partnership will improve population health and wellness-based care delivery throughout Southeast Michigan and beyond.

"It is a privilege to enter into this partnership with Wayne State," said Dr. Jeffrey Margolis, president of Michigan Healthcare Professionals, in a statement. "It's the highest honor when a medical school recognizes your excellence in clinical care and entrusts you to educate future generations of doctors." 


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