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Updated Priority Eligibility Criteria and Prescribing Requirements for Authorized Oral Antiviral Medications for Outpatient Treatment of Mild to Moderate COVID-19

Posted: 01/21/2022

Updated priority eligibility and prescribing requirements for the use of the oral antiviral medications PAXLOVID and molnupiravir, both currently under emergency use authorization (EUA) by the FDA for the outpatient treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19. Prescribers must adhere to the requirements specified in the applicable FDA Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers and by the state requirements specified below.  With limited supply and high demand for these medications, Priority Eligibility Criteria have been established for antiviral and monoclonal antibody therapy based on modifications to the NIH Treatment Guidelines Panel. These interim criteria and prescribing requirements will remain in effect until supply is able to meet demand and will be periodically reviewed as appropriate.

Prescribing Requirements

Because of the limited availability of these medications, certain requirements for prescribing are needed to assure that those at highest risk have access to these medications including:

  1. Prior to prescribing, must communicate to the patient and/or caregiver information consistent with the applicable “FACT SHEET FOR PATIENTS, PARENTS, AND CAREGIVERS” and provide them with a copy (electronically is acceptable) of this prior to prescribing the medication.
  2. Prescriber needs to determine closest dispensing pharmacy that has product.
  1. Electronic prescriptions are preferred.
  2. Telephone prescriptions will not be accepted.
  3. Paper prescriptions (including faxed) may be used but must have required information, patient’s phone number and qualifying criteria as described in page 6 below.
  4. In addition to standard prescribing information, prescriptions must specify in the comments/notes section:
  • The specific applicable Priority Eligibility Criteria validating the high-risk condition that qualifies for medication administration.
    • e.g., “Eligibility: Immunocompromised secondary to taking rituximab”
    • e.g., “Eligibility: not up to date on COVID vaccines1 and age 76”
    • e.g., “Eligibility: not up to date on COVID vaccines1, age 67, and severe COPD”
  • The date of symptom onset (antiviral medication must be started within 5 days of symptom onset).
  • Prescriptions lacking this information will not be filled and may delay or prevent access to therapy.

Antiviral Therapy Dispensing Sites

  • Paxlovid currently has limited availability through the following sites:
    • Selected Federally Qualified Health Centers and Tribal Health Centers
    • Selected Meijer Pharmacies throughout Michigan
    • Selected retail pharmacies in areas not served by Meijer (based on supply)
  • Molnupiravir currently has limited availability through the following sites:
    • All Meijer Pharmacies (based on supply)
    • Selected retail pharmacies in areas not served by Meijer (based on supply)

Click here to read the full announcement that was released on Michgian.gov/Coronavirus.

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