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Priority Health’s Clinical Pharmacists Are Calling Members About Medication Adherence

Posted: 03/02/2022

Priority Health’s clinical pharmacists are reaching out to some of their members to improve their medication adherence. This work helps to improve Priority Health’s CMS 5-Star Rating. Adherence to Medicare 5-Star related drugs (diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure) are “triple weighted” measures that comprise ~15% of their overall Star Rating.

What’s changing?

Priority Health is calling patients Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. using an algorithm based on prescription fill history and other patient characteristics that helps them to predict year end adherence.

Their calls will rarely overlap your medication adherence work, continue to target your patients for adherence and comprehensive medication review (CMR).

Why this is important to you?

This is another way Priority Health is helping you and your staff ensure patients follow their treatment plans. You’ll receive PIP credit for any CMR completed by them.

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