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BCN Is Introducing A New Program That Uses Genetic Testing to Personalize Medication Treatments

Posted: 06/22/2022

Blue Care Network (BCN) is pleased to announce a new precision medicine program, Blue Cross Personalized Medicine, that will help physicians tailor the medication regimen of patients to their specific needs.

The program uses pharmacogenomics, or genetic testing, to personalize medication treatments. As you may have read, pharmacogenomics, also known as PGx, is a subgroup of precision medicine that uses an individual’s genetic makeup to guide medication treatment options, rather than taking a “one-drug-fits-all” approach for an entire population.

BCN has contracted with OneOme, an independent precision medicine company, to facilitate the new program. OneOme will provide testing through its evidence-based RightMed Test, which analyzes 27 genes that may affect how a patient would respond to certain medications to reduce treatment trial and error.

Click here to read the full article in the July-August 2022 BCN Provider News.

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