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Care Management Programs

OSP offers a unique blend of care management programs. Our care management programs are led by the primary care physician and serve a variety of patient needs. OSP's program serves both children and older adults, with focus on new diagnoses, transitions of care, medication management, complex senior care, mental health needs, and health coaching. OSP’s care management program is supported by a multi-disciplinary team. 

Provider-Led Care Management

This program helps patients with medical, behavioral, and lifestyle coaching. This care management program is provided by trained care managers in conjunction with the patient's primary care physician. OSP care managers offer services either face-to-face, over the telephone, or virtual video visits. OSP wants every patient to successfully achieve their health goals.

High Intensity Care Management

This program helps complex Medicare patients manage multiple health conditions, coordinate care, and achieve optimal health. Services include an array of patient education, medication management, care coordination, and other support services.  Care is delivered face-to-face, often in the patient's home, and over the telephone by a personal care manager working closely with the patient, patient's family, and primary care physician.

Collaborative Care Model

This program integrates behavioral health services in the primary care setting.  This model is highly evidence-based and has been shown to be the best approach to treating depression and anxiety. The primary care physician, behavioral health care manager, and psychiatric consultant function as a team, using a shared care plan, to meet the needs of patients with mild to moderate behavioral health concerns.

Training Organization

OSP is an approved training organization recognized through the Michigan Institute for Care Management & Transformation, offering foundational courses to successful practice-based care management.

Course: Introduction to Team-Based Care
The course builds the foundational knowledge for working in a multidisciplinary care team and in collaboration with the patient. 

Course: Patient Engagement
The course is tailored to care team members to optimize tools and skills that promote productive conversations with patients about their health, including basic motivational interviewing skills.

OSP's Early Care Management Experience

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