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BCN/BCBSM Telehealth Billing Changes and New Telehealth FAQ Document

Posted: 05/11/2020

The Blues have updated their telehealth documents to reflect changes for billing telehealth visits, and they created a new document, Telehealth: Frequently asked questions for providers.

You can find all of these documents in the telehealth sections of the coronavirus webpages, which are available through Provider Secured Services and on the Blues public website at bcbsm.com/coronavirus (click For Providers).

Billing changes

They've made the following billing changes.

  • Place of service: When billing for telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic, providers can temporarily include the code for the place of service in which they would normally provide the service, rather than place of service 02. Providers must include the GT or 95 modifier to ensure that cost share is waived for appropriate services.

The Blues have updated the following documents to reflect this change; see the guides for complete information.

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