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Blue Cross Completes Prior Authorization Reduction Notification - Revised

Posted: 09/10/2020

Effective October 1, 2020, Blue Cross Complete has removed the prior authorization requirements for a select set of procedure codes and changed the requirements for others.

Blue Cross Complete (BCC) is aware of the time spent on administrative tasks and the growing industry need to reduce costs and save time. By removing what doesn’t add value to make room for what does, BCC hopes to enable you to spend less time on administrative duties.  

Prior authorization is not a guarantee of payment for the service authorized. Blue Cross Complete reserves the right to adjust any payment made following a review of the medical records or other documentation or determination of the medical necessity of the services provided. Additionally, payment may also be adjusted if the member’s eligibility changes between when the authorization was issued and the service was provided.

For the list of changes that have been applied to the current prior authorization requirements go to mibluecrosscomplete.com.

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