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Priority Health Independent Providers Must Align with A Participating Physician Organization To Participate In PIP

Posted: 03/15/2021

Oakland Southfield Physicians (OSP) is a participating Physician Organization with Priority Health. If you are already in Priority Health with OSP then you know the advantages that come with our support. If you are looking to join Priority Health or are already participating in the plan and would like to join OSP as your ACN, please contact us at (248) 357-4048, to learn more.

Why would joining OSP be important for you? Moving to OSP will benefit you by:

  • Increase options for additional reimbursement: ACNs have larger membership which allows providers with low Priority Health members to gain access to incentive and value-based programs that require a higher membership threshold.
  • Achieve access to centralized services: ACNs often have centralized services like pharmacy and care management. This allows providers to participate in quality measures focused in these areas.
  • Decrease administrative workload: ACNs have staff who are experts in the areas of quality, billing, human resources and technology. This frees your staff from trying to understand the everchanging environment of health care and increases their time assisting you in providing patient care.
  • Assist in management of provider information for settlement: Independent providers will gain access to provider information management tools and systems through their ACN membership.
  • Gain access to new Priority Health incentive tools: Priority Health is developing new tools to support incentive program work focused on improving access to patient information.

Click here to read the FAQ released by Priority Health pertaining to this upcoming change.

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