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Availity Ready To Accept Claims As Temporary Clearinghouse Available During Change Healthcare Outage

Posted: 03/08/2024

Effective March 8, Availity EDI Clearinghouse is ready to accept 837 electronic submission of your HAP Commercial and Medicare Advantage claims (Payer ID 38224). Please remember:

  • If you are currently connected to a clearinghouse other than Change Healthcare, you will not need to make any changes for HAP to begin receiving your claims from Availity.
  • Availity will notify their network of trading partners that HAP claims should be directed to Availity.
  • This transition to Availity is temporary and will continue throughout the Change Healthcare outage. During this temporary transition to Availity, you will not receive an 835 electronic remittance advice. However, you can still obtain this information from the provider HAP portal. Simply, log in at hap.org and select Remittance Advice.

If you only submit claims through Change Healthcare, you will need to connect to an alternative clearinghouse. If you are interested in establishing a connection with Availity click here to find out more information.

Click here to read the full article from HAP.

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