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Meridian Michigan Post Service Appeals Can Now Be Faxed

Posted: 03/14/2024

Meridian is now accepting post service appeals via fax. Post service appeals will now be received via mail, provider portal, and fax that will route directly into Meridian’s internal system, CenPas.  Below are the fax numbers for each LOB (MMP and Medicaid). Below are the fax numbers for each LOB (MMP and Medicaid).

  • Michigan Medicaid Post service appeals: 833-592-0658 
  • Michigan MMP Post service appeals: 833-957-0439 

Meridian has already launched these fax numbers so providers can start using them now. Meridian would like to remind you that the claim number is included on the cover page of the document, preferably with the appeal form that they implemented last year.  Additionally, the documents will be ingested into CenPas just as they are received so their cover page/ appeal letter/ appeal form really does need to be on the first page of the fax received.

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