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National Imaging Associations is Becoming Evolent

Posted: 03/25/2024

Evolent (formerly National Imaging Associates, Inc.) has consolidated its various companies (Evolent Care Partner; NIA Magellan ; Vital Decisions; Evolent Health Services, IPG; and New Century Health) under a single brand: Evolent.

This new branding will have minimal impact on providers. Day-to-day operations and services will remain the same. Only the branding, name of the company, and some URLs will change. Prior authorization requests will still be submitted via the Radmd.com website.

Evolent will be changing the company name/logo from NIA to Evolent in the following:

  • Company name/logo for clinical policies and procedures, education and training materials, and Utilization Management letters
  • Naming in various customer service channels (interactive voice response and in-app scripts)
  • Names/logos in some portals, apps, platforms
  • Reporting look and feel
  • Application URLs (with redirects in perpetuity)

What is not changing (except for branding):

  • Content of clinical policies, UM letters, in-app scripts, and other materials
  • Health Plan logos, branding, and contact information
  • Evolent phone and fax numbers, unless otherwise noted (e.g., corporate HQ)
  • File naming conventions and file shares
  • The process for obtaining prior authorization requests.

Evolent will continue to provide the same radiology review services offered by NIA:

  • CT/CTA
  • CCTA
  • Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI)

The change in branding from NIA to Evolent in existing NIA materials will happen gradually over the coming months.

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