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Blue Cross Complete Panel Roster Reports Discontinued

Posted: 07/17/2020

Blue Cross Complete encourage you to utilize NaviNet to access Panel Roster Reports and Quality Gap Closures.

For current NaviNet users:

  • Log in to NaviNet and navigate to Plan Central.
  • Under Workflows for This Plan, select Report Inquiry and then Administrative Reports.
  • On the Administrative Reports Inquiry page, select Panel Roster Reports from the Select Report dropdown menu.
  • You will be able to customize report criteria by reporting month. You can also choose whether to download the report as a pdf or in Excel or CSV format.
  • Practices are able to close quality gaps, by uploading the medical records into NaviNet.

If you do not currently use NaviNet:

  • Visit https://navinet.secure.force.com/* to sign up. You will need your Federal Tax ID number. Make sure to complete all information requested.
  • Once registered with NaviNet, you will have easy access not only to your Panel Roster report, but also to member eligibility verification, claims submission and status, claims investigation, prior authorization submission, and Member Clinical Summary reports as well as being able to close quality gaps. NaviNet offers convenient tools for patient health management, can help speed the provider-health plan connection, and can often replace paper transactions.


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