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Priority Health Will Be Offering Electronic Pharmacy Prior Authorization’s

Posted: 08/18/2020

Starting August 31, 2020, you’ll have the option to submit pharmacy prior authorizations for Priority Health members electronically.

Save time and get faster pharmacy decisions

Priority Health knows you spend substantial time on prior authorizations and that it’s a common pain-point for many practices. That’s why they’ve partnered with Surescripts to implement an electronic prior authorization (ePA) solution for Rx drugs that will eliminate the need for time-consuming paper forms, faxes and phone calls, and allow them to return faster decisions to you.

You won’t be required to submit prior authorizations electronically. Priority Health will continue to process pharmacy prior authorizations submitted via paper fax or by phone.

What are the benefits?

ePA streamlines the prior authorization process for both you and Priority Health. As a provider, you can save time and increase efficiency, as well as reduce administrative costs associated with faxing (or calling-in) prior authorizations. In addition to submitting requests electronically you can also check on request status without having to call. It also helps Priority Health’s pharmacy team streamline coverage decisions, so your requests can be completed faster. In turn, this creates a positive patient/member experience that can increase medication adherence and improve outcomes.

How does it work?

There are two solutions for using ePA:

  1. ePA within your EHR – If your EHR has Surescripts Prior Authorization enabled, you can complete prior authorizations and electronically route them to Priority Health for approval directly in the EHR. Learn more about how electronic prior authorization within your EHR works.
  2. Prior Authorization Portal – You can use this option if your EHR doesn’t have Surescripts Prior Authorization enabled. Using the portal, you can respond to prior authorizations requests or process requests prospectively. Within the portal, you’ll be able to complete question sets and route them to Priority Health for approval. Learn more about how the Surescripts Prior Authorization portal works.


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