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Revisions to High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillating Device and Accessories Policy

Posted: 07/17/2023

Please be advised The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released Bulletin MMP 23-43 on June 30, 2023, which announced revisions to the high frequency chest wall oscillating device and accessories policy. Changes in this policy are effective August 1, 2023.


An HFCWO device is an airway clearance device consisting of an inflatable vest connected by two tubes to a small air-pulse generator that is easy to transport. The air-pulse generator rapidly inflates and deflates the vest, gently compressing and releasing the chest wall to create mini-coughs that dislodge mucus from the bronchial walls, increase mucus mobilization, and facilitate its movement toward central airways.


Standards of Coverage

An HFCWO device may be covered up to four months when all other treatment modalities have not been effective (e.g., chest physiotherapy, medication, mechanical in-exsufflation device, etc.):

  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Bronchiectasis that has been confirmed by a high resolution, spiral, or standard CT scan and which is characterized by daily productive cough for at least six continuous months; or frequent exacerbations requiring antibiotic therapy.
  • Neuromuscular and/or neurological disorders affecting ability to mobilize secretions.

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